I just nuked the whole website for a new project :3. I also cannot figure out my uncommented spaghetti code :> but worry not i had set up the post class.

2024/02/20 at 10:58 A.M

i figured it all outjust gonna edit some details like how the font is awful.. wheres the comic sans?!

2024/02/20 at 11:09 A.M

you see everything that happens on this blog is real, for example did you know no one lies on the internet? crazy right? once someone told me that drinking dish soap was healthy, so i tried a whole bottle and i lost over 30 pounds!!1 of course i only weighed about 140 before and also a vommited for a week straight, but losing weight is supposed to be healthy so they must have been right!

2024/02/20 at 11:30 A.M

mother 3 came out only japan yesterday, so i ran to nintendo of america, broke in and found a dusty cartridge that says earthbound 2 test cartridge for the gameboy advance, excited I went over to steal said test cartridge only to trip a motion detector and reggie filz-aime himself threw me out the window of nintendo headquarters, i fell 17 stories but i was fine and only shrunk down to half size. i thought he resigned...

2024/02/22 at 9:56 A.M

i went to check the mail today only to find that someone didnt wrap the rabid raccoon i ordered!! he just had one of those post sticker things stuck on to him.. he got away! i was going to use him or her for a awesome prank.. guess it doesn't matter april fools day was 3 months ago darn shipping delays

2024/02/22 at 10:08 A.M

so i was walking down the street right?? then suddenly a speeding and lifted (and smelly i could smell the gas from a mile a way.. quite litteraly i was nearly a mile away) truck came at 174 miles per hour towards me!!! i froze like a dear not out of fear but because i saw this really cool trick on the internet like 6 years ago and thought it would be a perfect time to try it. i jumped into the air as the truck hit me did a front flip right onto the bed of the truck and took a bow.. only for the owner to stop and launch me off the bed right onto the street, he called me a idiot and said i dont belong on the road ); how rude, some people don't have drivers licenses y'know?

2024/02/22 at 10:18 A.M

i am face down in the street right? so i get up and decide to keep walking to gamestop. you see im quite bored and gamestop has a bargin section with one dollar last gen games.. so i get there right and gamestop always pesters people about pre-orders so as i check out i prepare to be convinced and haggled to pre-order the next triple AAA ubisoft blockbuster (just dance 2013) and he says that they now pester people about NFTs instead of preorders??!? i was like no way im not buying a AI generated jpeg of a monkey, anyway i ended up walking out with 7 ugly monkey picutres.. they set me back like 200,000 thousand dollars. he said they where a investment but i checked their worth 30 seconds later and now they are worth 2 dollars!!!!!

2024/02/22 at 10:22 A.M